Event Packages

Anyone organizing an event intends to have it go well. But sometimes it doesn’t. This could cause great disappointment to your guests and unimaginable embarrassment to you. At Glitter & Shimmer Event Services, we do our best not to leave the slightest chance of a mistake occurring at your event. We go through every detail carefully to ensure that everything is in line. Our joy emanates from your fulfillment with our services, and therefore, we have to get everything right. If you miss a previously scheduled phone consultation or an in-person consultation session, you will incur a $50.00 penalty payable before you can reschedule. The fee charged upon rescheduling will not be added to your balance. To work together amicably and to seal our agreement to conduct your event, we require that you sign a contract and complete the additional requisite documents. Additionally, we need you to pay a non-refundable deposit (75% of the total amount) upfront and pay the remaining amount one week before your event.

Payment Methods:


We gladly accept the following forms of payment:


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Bridal Showers

Before your wedding, we want you to have a delightful experience at the bridal shower. Our team ardently delves into the laying and executing a well-fitting plan for a bridal shower full of grandeur.


Guests might forget what they ate or the stories they chatted over, but not what they felt. Knowing that the first impression matters, the receptions we organize exude a pleasant impression that is hard-to-ignore, making your guests feel sincerely welcome.

Birthday Parties

A birthday is a great moment to celebrate, whether yours or your loved ones. We organize spectacular birthday parties to add meaning to a client celebrating an extra year of their life.

Retirement Parties

After many years of hard labor, we plan a sumptuous party as we welcome you to your enjoyment of well-deserved rest.

Graduation Parties

It means a lot when you finish all the years of hard work in school and you are finally graduating. As you leave school and step out into the world, we help you plan a party that tells your effort mattered.

Baby Showers

It is such a joy to welcome a child into the world. We join you in celebrating the new champ by planning a remarkable baby shower.

Family in Church
Church Events 

Whether you are having a concert, a conference, or a usual church service, we check that everything goes as you wished to guarantee the comfort of your congregation.

Wedding Day

There are memories that we wish to bring to life once in a while. As you commemorate that one moment that mattered to you, we plan exceptionally well to certify that you relive the moment luxuriously.

Family Reunions

As you celebrate family reunions, we are committed to warranting that you have a great moment with your loved ones.