Our Typesetting Services

Welcome to Glitter & Shimmer Event Services for professional and most reliable typesetting services. For your branding and marketing purposes, we offer typesetting services that include creating websites, flyers, brochures, letterheads, and so much more. We give you a seamless experience that will make you come for more. We provide samples of our work and references upon a client's request.

Payment Methods:


We gladly accept the following forms of payment:


Refund Policy:


In due consideration of the artistic nature of our work, we do not offer refunds on services already provided. However, we work tirelessly to guarantee your satisfaction.


Revision Policy:


We stand firmly behind our business, and we have every intention to deliver satisfactory services to our clients. With our typesetting services, you are entitled to two revisions only per service. After 2 revisions, you will be charged $25.00 per subsequent revision. In case you are not satisfied with our services, please contact us immediately and we will attend to your concern promptly.


Steps to completing your work order:


Step 1 – To request an order, fill in the form on the Typesetting Service(s) Request Form, and we will contact you through email after we review the information. Alternatively, you can consult with us through our open email, or you can schedule for a phone consultation at the time and date convenient for you. If you miss a previously scheduled phone consultation session, you will incur a $50.00 penalty payable before you can reschedule. The fee charged upon rescheduling will not be added to your balance.


Step 2 – After the initial phone consultation, kindly email us all your information within 24 hours. You are also required to pay a non-refundable deposit (75% of the total amount) upfront, or the total amount before we commence with your work order. You can make your payment via Zelle, Venmo, and Cash App, or you can call us and pay over the phone or online using your credit or debit card. Once we have processed your payment, we will send you a confirmation via text or email. As soon as we agree on the typesetting service(s) you need, we will send you Acknowledgment of Acceptance and a contract via email. Once you have signed the agreement and paid the deposit or the total amount, we will immediately commence with your work order.


Step 3 – After paying the deposit, the remaining amount is due as soon as we have completed your work order, and you have approved it. Following the successful payment of the total amount, we will email you a detailed invoice.


Step 4 – After your work order is complete, we will email you a sample of the work done, seeking your review and approval.


Step 5 – We will deliver your completed work order to you through email.

Website Creation

We specialize in creating very elegant and professional websites, recreating websites to fit your desires and needs.

Social Media Page Creation

We create and maintain social media pages like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. like no other.

Flyer Creation

We help you create flyers that effectively communicate products and/or services and showcases the intended products and/or services to your potential clients.

Logo Creation

We create logo designs that give your brand a face and make your brand memorable to clients.

Content Writing

We create great SEO content that will optimize your website's visibility on search engines and attract a consistent audience flow.  

Website Monthly Maintenance

We offer monthly websites maintenance; all done at an affordable price.

Social Media Monthly Maintenance

Social Media accounts are well maintained by us.

Brochure Creation

We create and print high-quality brochures, both the bi-fold and tri-fold, with the necessary branding information.

Video Creation

We create videos with enchanting background music and charming sound effects for all your needs. You can conveniently use the videos we create on any platform.

PowerPoint Presentation

When you are making a presentation, a creatively done presentation will keep your audience attentive throughout. We create PowerPoint presentations that will give you an easy time while presenting and leave a lasting impression on your audience.

Letterhead Creation

We create professional letterheads for an ideal business impression and for individual use.

Menu Creation

We create menus in attractive designs to appeal to your clients.

Handout Creation

We create flawless, insightful, and easily legible handouts.

Poster Sign Creation

We create compelling posters for your personal and business needs that will improve your communication to clients and help you gain a competitive edge over your competitors.

Will Creation

As you lay your succession plan, we are there to structure and typeset your will as you would like it.

Resume Creation

We write resumes that are intended to brand you as a person.

Church Program Creation

The church programs that we create are well organized and clearly outlined.

Business Letter Creation

We specialize in structuring formal business letters for individuals and businesses.

Ad Posting Creation

For all of your advertisement needs, we got you.  We do all ad posting creation at affordable prices.

Invitation Creation

As you plan to send out invitations to your guests, you can trust us to design both regular and executive invitations in attractive designs, and at affordable prices.

Internet Research

We conduct comprehensive internet research for all your business needs.

Souvenir Booklets

We specialize in creating customized souvenir booklets for schools, churches, organizations, or that special occasion, that will help you mark an incredible moment. 

Wedding Program Creation

 We create wedding programs at affordable prices and indulge our creativity fully for the best aesthetic outcome.

Funeral Program Creation

We create well thought out funeral programs that align with your wish of sending off your loved one in a dignified manner.