Hardship Program
Hardships happen.
Let’s work together so your
wedding can happen, too.

Are you financially struggling to pay for a wedding? Well, worry not! Glitter & Shimmer Event Services is the first business that has created this great program, just for you. Want to know more? Just keep reading to see if you qualify!


Don’t you hate having to make tough choices? We hate seeing our brides miss out on the fun of a fabulous wedding because their income doesn’t have enough wiggle room.


What if we told you that, for a limited number of brides, we had a program to gift you with an affordable solution? A program that lifts the weight to pay in cash for a massive portion of wedding planning and coordination?


Well we do.


Instead of paying our full cash price, we’ll give you a heavy discount for working with us as a brand ambassador.


If your income is less than $50,000 annually, and you’re willing to do a little work in return for deeply discounted wedding planning and coordination services, read on!


What are the minimum application rules?

  • Brides and Grooms must be at least 21 years of age.

  • You need to make a MAXIMUM of $50,000 annually.

How do you apply?

  1. Fill in our Hardship Program Form page by clicking here.

  2. In the message box on the Hardship Form, please type (one paragraph) explaining why we should choose you for our program.

  3. Next, we’ll conduct an in-person scheduled consultation session. You’ll need to sign our contract and fill in the requisite documents after this initial consultation.

  4. If you’re accepted, you’ll officially be a brand ambassador, and we’ll require 12 hours of service for Glitter & Shimmer Event Services.

What awesome ways will you be helping us by becoming our exclusive ambassador?

  • Physical flyer outreach and canvassing

  • Social media outreach and tags (Instagram and Facebook)

  • We would love for you to leave us a Google review with a photo of yourself when your event is over.

What rules and restrictions do you need to know?

  • You will have to complete 12 hours of community service for Glitter & Shimmer Event Services.

  • ​Service includes passing out Glitter & Shimmer Event Services flyers to people or leaving flyers inside of restaurants, stores, etc. (Please get permission if you are leaving them. After you have received permission, please be sure to take photos of each place you left our flyers. These hours start immediately after being accepted into this program and failure to comply will automatically terminate you from this program. There will be no second chance to reapply if you are terminated from this program.)

  • Record all hours on Glitter & Shimmer Event Services log and email log to glitterandshimmereventservices@gmail.com. Upon completion of this program, you will receive a Community Service Completion Certificate from us.

  • We will email you a flyer to advertise our business. You will have to post our flyer on your Instagram page and Facebook page and tag 10 people you think would benefit from Glitter & Shimmer Event Services.

  • Please screenshot each tag and text them to (713) 354-6221.

  • We would love for you to write and share a testimonial on Google and give us permission to post it on our website after your professional services have been rendered!

  • You are required to pay a non-refundable 75% deposit after this initial consultation and before we get started planning, then the remaining amount is due one week before your scheduled event. You can make your payment online, over the phone or in person. Each party is required to sign a contract and fill in all requisite documents. If you miss a previously scheduled phone consultation or an in-person consultation session, you will incur a $50.00 penalty payable before you can reschedule. The fee charged upon rescheduling will not be added to your balance.


If you are interested in our hardship program, please call us on (713) 354-6221 to schedule a free phone consultation session or an in-person scheduled consultation session, or fill in the form here.

We can’t wait to hear from you, hardships happen, but that doesn’t mean the wedding of your dream can’t. Let’s work together to make it happen!