Our Recommended Vendors

We highly recommend our clients on the vendors to hire from our customized list. We have some of the best vendors to ensure a mind blowing event ever hosted! We have it all covered for you! Book us for your next planned event and we will create a memorable event for you!



TRC Services

"One drink makes

everything better"

Torey Cormier - Owner

Phone Number:  (832) 297-5902

Email: Travon1494@yahoo.com

Instagram: ToastingwithTorey


Yoni Steam Spa Parties

Whatatreat Studio

Kia White - Owner

Phone Number:  (832) 280-7305

Website: www.whatatreatstudio.com

Email: whatatreatstudio@gmail.com

Instagram: whatatreatstudio


Make-up Consultant

Alter Ego International

Velma Johnson - Owner & Consultant

Phone Number: (832) 470-5323

Website: www.alteregoint.com

Email: alteregoint@gmail.com

Instagram: alter_ego_international

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Xstacy Booths

Tomi Baruwa - Owner

Phone Number:  (832) 862-7791

Website: www.xstacybooths.com

Email: info@xstacybooths.com